Maintenance and integral control of tires on site

serv_ntcosThe Maintenance Service and Integral Control of Tires on site are focused on maintaining a safe operation and to minimize the tires’ consumption, controlling the different variables related to this regard.

The main activities of these services are:

  • Tires’ Maintenance on workshop
  • Maintenance of Tires on the Equipment
  • Follow up of Tires and preparation of statistics reports
  • Wireless Data Capture System of pressure, inflation and temperature.  Uman Bailac
  • Training and Consultancies to the OTR Tires’ service on site
  • Inspection of Operational conditions:
    – Transport conditions: Speed, load, driver’s skills
    – Area of loading and unloading: space, cleanliness, drainage
    – Tracks of transport: width, bends, gradient and hauling distance

Work on the Equipment:

  • Removal and installation of chains
  • Wear control
  • Repairs of chains
  • Removal and installation of Tires
  • Transport and handling of Tires
  • Removal of embedded stones
  • Torque application
  • Change of nuts and bolts
  • Tires’ inflation
  • Change of valves

Inspection of Tires installed on the Equipment:

  • Temperature control
  • Gemelado Control
  • Wear Control
  • Damage Control (separations and cuts)
  • Inflation Control

Work on Workshop:

  • Tires’ Inflation
  • Maintenance of rims and components
  • Assembly and disassembly of Tires
  • Diagnostics of lows and faults
  • Preparation of Tires for repair and/or retreading
  • Stock and reserves Control
  • Management of Repair and Retreading