UMAN BLUE – active tires’ monitoring unit

serv-8  UMAN is a monitoring system for pressure and temperature, which uses innovative technology to electronically monitor real-time tire pressure and temperature in movement. Fuel, Maintenance and Tires are usually the largest expense in a mining operation.  It is essential to have accurate information for optimum tire performance and to ensure its maximum performance. The system works on any OTR tire, regardless of the brand, type and size.

* Benefits only using internal sensors or new versions with temperature measurement inside the tire.


  • PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE:  It reduces the equipment detentions/stops in order to be checked, increasing productivity.
  • INCREASE ON THE TIRES’ PERFORMANCE:  It allows taking appropriate actions in order to avoid:

. Irregular wear on the wheel’s Band

.Cuts in the band, due to overpressure

. Mechanical Separations, due to low pressure

.Cuts on the side, due low pressure

. Heating, due to low pressure or dual contact

  • SAFETY:  Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, avoiding exposure of persons in the operation.


Capture of Data processing

  • Uman Standard
  • Uman Web
  • Uman S.I.M;
S.I.M. Servicio de información de monitoreo (Monitoring Information Service)

  • Rental of hardware and software
  • Installation and technical support
  • Availability and coverage of monitoring
  • Management Reports
  • Inflation pressure correction (PIF)
  • Leaks indicator


uman-2 INTERNAL: Located on the inside of the tire uman-3 INTERNAL: Located on the tire’s valve.  Quick installation. * Recommended only for pressure control
uman-4 UMAN BOX: Located on the cabin. Stores and transmits data uman-5 ALARMS PANEL CONTROL: Located on the cabin.  Recognition of alarms.  Temperature alarm.  Alarms for high and low pressure
uman-6 INTERNAL READER:  It delivers information about the sensor (short distance), inside and out of the tire.  Tool for the control and basic check of the sensors.

UMAN is present in: CHILE

  • El Soldado (renewal of the UMAN SIM contract)
  • Los Colorados
  • Mantoverde
  • Codelco El Teniente
  • Codelco Mina Sur
  • Codelco Gaby
  • Codelco Ministro Hales (Finning is our client)
  • SGSCM Sierra Gorda Project


  • Cerro Vanguardia

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