Mine Support Equipment

Special and structural welding

banner-1Support with specialized technical resources on all repair works and fabrication based on welding on equipment, components and structures in general.  These welding  jobs consider special welds, qualified personnel to implement structural welding procedures and welding specific major components of equipment such as:

  • Repair of mining components: hoppers, buckets, shovels, arms, drilling tower, racks, chassis, etc. .
  • Manufacturing parts and component parts: platforms, ladders, frames, columns for resting statics, shovel arm support, mobile tire support and spin boxes, etc.
  • Recovery by welding:  Sproker, wheels, etc.
  • Light and heave boiler: Manufacture of steel structures.
  • Repair of chains: Recovery of geometry, repair.
  • Service field welders:  Specialized welders for maintenance, repair and manufacturing of steel structures on site.
  • Inspection and evaluation of tire by end:  Shot blast cleaning, inspection with penetrant liquids and painting .

Application of criteria

  • Machining Services:  drilling, turning, etc.
  • End service:  Measuring thickness, penetrant liquids, magnetic particles, ultrasound

Service of standardization of procedures on Bailac Sites:

  • Repair of components.  Pre and post weld treatment, criteria for the fracture repair, PQS.
  • Preparation of welding procedures, WPS.
  • Selection criteria of steels and electrodes.