Sustainable Development

Comprehensive policy


It is the Human Team’s commitment of our organization to maintain an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health in order to deliver an efficient and timely our ” Comprehensive Maintenance Services and Control Off Road Tires “.

To accompany our clients as strategic partners, BAILAC SAN Ltd. assumed the following commitments:

* Ensure compliance with the agreements contracted with our customers, legislation and regulations in force, through an organization that methodically identifies their needs and requirements in the areas of quality , environmental protection , occupational health and safety .

* Join to our future perspective, the ongoing challenge based on the continuous improvement of our processes, human resources and staff group .

* Keep as an objective, that the prevention of harm to people and the deterioration of health in the workplace are essential and a priority in the performance of our business.

* Promote good practice within our staff, based on the prevention of incidents and environmental pollution.

* Ensure that our staff conform their different functions, developing their competence, through training and performance evaluation.

* Achieve trusted relationships with our customers, employees and the general community, which allow us to provide solutions that generate mutual benefits.

* Use in an austere and efficient way, all the necessary resources for the success of these commitments.

The General Manager undersigned, requires that all the employees across the company, commit themselves to endorse this integral policy and act accordingly with it to build together, the company that we want .