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It is an Integral Service which seeks to optimize energy resources, offering alternatives to improve the safety, cost and quality of life. Our core value is to be consistent with the quality policy that our company has, where a basic principle is the efficient use of resources. One of them is the electric power, key resource for mining companies in all their processes. Our Engineering Department has studied the best lighting technologies and energy saving, especially the sustainable systems, we have  a partnership with leading suppliers worldwide in such solutions.  These Solutions,  fit any lamp holder or complete units.  The systems are clearly a revolutionary form of lighting that has many advantages over conventional lighting technologies. Our equipment for outdoor use, are certified to the standard 686 (light pollution), applicable for regions II , III and IV of our country, Chile.


Advantages of implementing Enerlight:

  • Equipment with higher durability, >10 times.
  • High luminous efficiency.
  • Considerable savings in the electric power consumption.
  • Better work conditions, major safety.
  • High rate of performance of chromatic reproduction (CRI) > 85%
  • High resolution and natural color.
  • Off and later instant On options.
  • Better power factor.
  • Decrease of harmonic pollution.
  • Low temperature generation.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment, green technologies.

ener-4:: ENERLIGHT: Plasma, more realistic colors, major efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost of maintenance. :: TRADICIONAL LIGHTING:  High Pressure Sodium, yellowish tones, higher electrical consumption, less efficient, dust absorption. We offer to our clients the best certified technology of lighting and energetic saving, which adapts to lamps’ brackets or to complete units.


  • LED BULBS – Industrial:  Sheds, warehouse, offices, supermarkets – Multipurpose:  Parking, aisles, structural, advertising, sports – Roads:  Highways, Motorways, pedestrians, parking, tunnels – Specific:  Parks, squares, gas stations, refrigeration chambers
  • Mobile – Light LED Tower / Autonomous Tower of solar lighting
  • Autonomous post with Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT)
  • Autonomous post with technology (FRP) Glass fiber

Enerlight for mining equipment, are off-road lights, emergency lights and high intensity discharge headlights. They possess advanced electronic and mechanical engineering. They offer superior performance in the harshest environments. Among its most significant characteristics we find a greater increase on light output , improving the color of light and effective dispersion of the beam. These three attributes, not only contribute to the ability of the operator to see the surrounding environment, but also allows any operator that is in the area, to perform their jobs safely and effectively . Among its advantages, it has CREE chips, of high intensity (USA), covered with German technology, PMMA or acrylic, it is the best of the plastics in their weather resistance, transparency, scratch and explosion resistance , uses optical Italian lenses of reflectivity at long range, Japanese fastening technology resistant to shock, water and landslides proof, stainless steel.

Our teams for exterior uses, are certified for the norm 686 (light contamination), applicable for the regions II, III and IV of our country.


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