Our Company



Leopoldo Bailac Arriagada, General Manager Companies Bailac Thor; Leopoldo Bailac Calcena, President Companies Bailac; Alberto Bailac Arriagada, General Manager Bailac SAN Ltda.; Eduardo Bailac Arriagada, General Manager Recauchajes Mineros Bailac Ltda.

Bailac, designed to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, of various kinds, covering an interesting and nurtured range of disciplines, mainly related to the mining market.  Our operations are managed strategically from our different branches to across the country, ranging in Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas and abroad (Argentina, Brazil, USA), through offices, plants and workshops.  In order to provide a better and more effective support, our operation is based on the following companies:

  • Bailac San Ltda.     : Solutions from Chañaral to Punta Arenas, Argentina & México
  • Bailac Thor Ltda.    :Solutions from Arica to Antofagasta & Brazil
  • Bailac Recamin      : Repairs and Retreading of OTR Tires in Chile
  • Bailac Incamin        : Supplies for the disassembly and reassembly of Giant Tires in Chile
  • Dust A-Side            : Dust control on Mining Roads
  • Bailac Capacita      : Training OTEC (Technical Training Organization)


Our spirit is focused on being the best option for our customers on all our products, which has resulted that our coverage in Chile is almost 100% of the large mining customers, reaching them with several products, strengthening day by day, reflecting the original spirit of excellence in the service, of the Bailac Family.