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Bailac Clients

Bailac Companies have had the opportunity to grow with our customers, since 1925.  This has allowed not only to create a strong commercial and strategic ties with them, but also to understand their specific needs and techniques over time and to adapt to the dynamics of the mining market.  The needs are specific to each site, going through extremely diverse conditions.



This understanding has meant that our customers keep us as strategic partners and we are always considered in their stages of development and new projects.  This way, Bailac Companies throughout over 20 different services, can provide the best technical and professional level, across a wide range of Integrated Solutions for Mining, diversification which our clients appreciate in a special way, since it is possible that only one prestigious company will provide a powerful solution to different needs, with the simplicity of a single contract. The approach and trust that we have achieved with our customers has led us on several occasions to develop successful “Joint Ventures”, aimed at innovating and always at the forefront of technology and to be a reference and example for other companies in the market, in regards to initiatives concerning Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health.  In particular, our clients know that they are working with the market leader, with respect to Maintenance, Control, Tire Repair and Retreading OTR tires, which is an extremely relevant aspect in the current situation of excess demand for these units, giving them peace of mind to work their mining business and investments in a sustainable way.