Dust a Side Chile – Dust control on mining roads

The generation of airborne or suspended dust, is today one of the major threats to the health...  [+]

Maintenance and integral control of tires on site

The Maintenance Service and Integral Control of Tires on site are focused on maintaining a...  [+]

Recycling of OTR tires

CARACHTERISTICS From Ring 25” to 63” Process Capacity: 20 tires per day Use of reusable...  [+]

Reparair and recovery of OTR chains

The Repair and Recovery Service of Traction and Protection OTR Chains, consists in recovering...  [+]

Equipment for the clearing of minor rocks, Road Patrol

One of the problems of mining companies is to eliminate in the shortest time possible, spills...  [+]

Pascual Software, specialized on the control and management of tires

Is a vital support tool for the experts in Management Control, Tires’ Savings and Components....  [+]

UMAN BLUE – active tires’ monitoring unit

 UMAN is a monitoring system for pressure and temperature, which uses innovative technology...  [+]

Remote Monitoring Unit UMR

Designed to monitor the operation of power generating equipment.  The system is installed...  [+]